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PAU become Champion at Debate for Democracy

Speakers at an occasion on Jan 07, 2017 said that the politicians had not shown potent political will to defenses debasement in the nation, which was blocking the battle. 
Going to a debate competition on 'defenses corruption: public wariness or political will', composed by Debate for Democracy at the Bangladesh Film Development Corporation in the capital, Transparency International Bangladesh official executive Iftekharuzzaman said that preclusion or control of corruption was not possible without visible will of the politicians.
He opined that the authorities designated to fight corruption, including the Anti-Corruption Commission, needed a good political environment in which they could independently operate and make their moves against corruption.
He added that appropriate punishments for corrupt people would help the country build a positive image against corruption. 'Corrupt practices will cease to be in the same very moment the politicians want it… but we have not seen any such initiative', said ACC commissioner AFM Aminur Rahman.
Debate for Democracy chairman Hassan Ahmed Chowdhury Kiron demanded that the authorities form a special tribunal to try corrupt people who looted banks, stock market and public funds. He urged the ACC and TIB to arrange various program engaging college and university level students in the fight against corruption.
United Commercial Bank chairman MA Sabur urged the government to take necessary steps to curb banking and financial sector corruptions. Though powerful quarters were involved in such corruptions, he claimed, in most cases ordinary officials were facing trials. In the grand finale of the debate competition, Primeasia University became champion defeating IBAIS University. A total of 16 universities took part in the competition.